The Girl on a Paper Boat

by Inna Pivars & The Histriones



The Girl On A Paper Boat album was recorded in Moscow in February 2013
Inna Pivars - vocal
Kirill Bezrodnykh - guitar
Rafkat Badretdinov - drums, keyboards, perc.,noise
Roman Sheletov - bass
Keat Tikhones - keyboards
lyrics - Andrey Anisimov
music - Kirill BezrodnYkh (Mikhailov)
Studio engineering - Ilya Iskevich
Recorded by Alexander Bochko Studio


released March 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Inna Pivars & The Histriones Moscow, Russia

Inna Pivars and The Histriones (ex The Tsoys)
Psychedelic-pop/baroque pop band with female lead vocal.

The band was formed in February 2011 in Moscow Russia.
The bands lead singer Inna Pivars is a cinema and theatre actress and a former co-star of legendary Russian Musical Juno and Avos.
Inna Pivars and the Tsoys recorded two albums: The Haze Of Memories LP (2011) and Interstellar Omnibus (2015)
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Track Name: Bubble Gum
Shake it boy you gotta dance
Yum yummy yummy take a chance
Roll it rock it Bubble gum
Rock it Bubble gum!

On Monday mornings Banana split
Don’t have to run and hide
Embrace is tender your lips are sweet
Sweet as candy

Shake it boy you gotta dance
Yum yummy yummy take a chance
Roll it rock it Bubble gum
Rock it Bubble gum!

Pink is the lolly my rainbow ride
I gotta taste your plum
Life is forever jump on my side
Sugar baby
Track Name: In Vain
Billy was his name
He would mess with anyone
Then he punched his mother
In the face…

Mary was his wife
Wrote one hundred fairytales
Each one full of bullshit
Every word…

Tommy was their son
Tommy never felt alone
Till the day he vanished
In the crowd…

Cause everybody’s insane
And all we do is complain
All in vain
Track Name: Big Mistake
I am your big mistake
Put down your weapon and eat your cake
I am f***ing great
You’re so very small and your life is fake!

Look at the world around
Keep working baby or hit the ground
You are just a slave
You are a living dead rotting in grave

I am your golden slut
You’re f***ing shit covered in mud
Get down on your knees
And pray your heart out begging please

You look like tramp
But I am your vamp
You play your shit
So for me you bleed
Track Name: Into Your Dream
Let me into your dream child
Take me into your dream
In your wonderworld of make believe
In the maze of gold I wish to leave

Show me way to the seaside
Guide me into your realm
Never leave me here to cry alone
Never let your heart to die alone

Wonderful child your dream is easy
Mama loves to see you sleep

Wonderful boy your dream is easy
Let me see you fall asleep